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November 16, 2010

Center Convenes Annual Program for Women Parliamentarians to Combat Global Women's Human Rights Crises

  Front row L-R: Syeda Viquar-un-nisa Hashmi, Center volunteer; Ambassador Shirley E. Barnes; Amy E. Bain, Center Senior Policy Associate; Jennifer Tucker, Center’s Vice President; Gifti Nadi, Center volunteer.
Second row L-R: The Honorable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga (Republic of Uganda); The Honorable Anita Neville (Canada); Dr. Leslie R. Wolfe, Center’s President; The Honorable Elsa Papademetriou (Greece); The Honorable Mary Goudie (United Kingdom).
Third row L-R: The Honorable Doris Stump (Switzerland); The Honorable V. Irene Sandiford-Garner (Barbados); The Honorable Rusudan Kervalishvili (Georgia); The Honorable Maryan Street (New Zealand); The Honorable Amina Abdalla (Republic of Kenya).

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

Women Members of Parliament from as close to the USA as Canada and as far away as New Zealand convened in Washington, DC in October for the Center's fourth GlobalPOWER® (Partnership Of Women Elected/Appointed Representatives) program (see below for the list of GlobalPOWER® 2010 participants.)

The 2010 GlobalPOWER® leaders, from Parliaments in Barbados, Canada, Georgia, Greece, Kenya, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, joined forces in Washington, DC to address international trafficking of women and girls and its "root causes" as a global women's human rights crisis that requires national leadership in all of our countries. (DONATE NOW to support future GlobalPOWER® programs)

During their week together, the Parliamentarians met with Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues at the US Department of State and with Deborah von Zinkernagel, Principal Deputy US Global AIDS Coordinator, as well as with colleagues from NGOs, national and global foundations, and USAID to discuss international trafficking of women and girls; the impact of environmental degradation on women; reproductive rights and justice; and, the women's HIV/AIDS epidemic, for example.

View the Voice of America story about the GlobalPOWER® 2010 program on YouTube.

With the generous sponsorship of Komen for the Cure®--we hosted our 2010 GlobalPOWER® Ambassadors Dinner to honor and celebrate the GlobalPOWER® participants, their Ambassadors to the USA, and all women Ambassadors to the USA. We are especially grateful to our colleagues at Komen for the Cure® for their support of the Center's mission to promote women's human rights through enlightened public policy. (Click here to learn how to sponsor a GlobalPOWER® Ambassadors Dinner)

In the 10th anniversary year of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (SCR 1325), the GlobalPOWER® sisters produced a powerful Statement to "remind Heads of State, Parliamentarians and the United Nations of the primacy of the SCR 1325 regarding women, peace and security." The GlobalPOWER® 2010 Statement details some of the steps necessary to fulfill the promise of SCR 1325, including guarantees that "women are actively involved at the negotiation tables in all areas where conflict resolution is required and that women from the areas of conflict must be included on all negotiation teams."
Click here to read the Statement and add your signature as an endorser.

Click here to join the Center's Global Honor Roll of Leaders for Women's Human Rights.

GlobalPOWER® 2010 Partipants
The Honorable Amina Abdalla
Member of Parliament
The Honorable Elsa Papademetriou
Vice President of the Hellenic Parliament
The Honorable Mary Goudie
Member of the House of Lords
The Honorable V. Irene Sandiford-Garner
Member of Parliament
The Honorable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga
Deputy Speaker of Parliament
The Honorable Maryan Street
Member of Parliament
The Honorable Rusudan Kervalishvili
Vice Speaker of Parliament
The Honorable Doris Stump
Member of Parliament
The Honorable Anita Neville
Member of Parliament

2010 GlobalPOWER® Ambassadors Dinner

L-R: His Excellency Elkanah Odembo, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya; The Honorable Amina Adballa (Republic of Kenya); Aoko Midiwo-Odembo, Embassy of the Republic of Kenya.

© Sylvia Johnson Photography






L-R: Michael Darchiashvili, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Georgia; The Honorable Rusudan Kervalishvili (Georgia); The Honorable Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga (Republic of Uganda).

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

L-R:Deanna Horton,Minister (Congressional, Public & Intergovernmental Affairs), Embassy of Canada; The Honorable Maryan Street (New Zealand); The Honorable Elsa Papademetriou (Greece).

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

The Honorable Mary Goudie (United Kingdom)

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

L-R: Jennifer Tucker, Center's Vice President, Brian H. Hook, global advisor to Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Komen for the Cure®; Dr. Leslie R. Wolfe, Center's President.

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

L-R: Fernando Garcia-Robles; His Excellency John Earnest Beale (Embassy of Barbados); The Honorable V. Irene Sandiford-Garner (Barbados)

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

  L-R: Leslie R. Wolfe; His Excellency Elkanah Odembo and Aoko Midiwo-Odembo; Embassy of the Republic of Kenya.

© Sylvia Johnson Photography

L-R: Gift Nadi, Center volunteer; Anna Taleysnik-Mehta, Center volunteer; Amy E. Bain, Center Senior Policy Associate.

© Sylvia Johnson Photography