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Contract with Women of the USA®

  • The Center’s Contract with Women of the USA® sets out 12 key principles for women’s human rights and equality.  The Contract with Women of the USA is the US version of the Beijing Platform for Action from the United Nations 1995 World Conference on Women.

US Policy Advocacy to Combat Trafficking (US PACT)

  • National Institute on State Policy on Trafficking of Women and Girls
    The Center’s work to combat trafficking of women and girls into the United States is a crucial part of its advocacy for women’s human rights.  As a major destination country for traffickers, the United States -- and all 50 states -- must craft domestic responses to this global human rights crisis. Each year thousands of women and girls are trafficked into the United States, where they are held in involuntary servitude for forced labor and sexual exploitation.

Women’s Health

  • State Policy on Reproductive Rights and Health
    Since 1989, the Center has promoted public policy options that preserve reproductive rights and health for low income women and for women of color. Today, the Center is working in partnership with state legislators who are seeking to preserve reproductive rights and promote reproductive health programs through legislative and policy initiatives. 
  • National Resource Center on Women and AIDS Policy
    In 1987, the Center became the first national feminist organization to address the self-defined needs of women living with HIV/AIDS.  The Center has been a leader in addressing the full range of issues facing women in the epidemic and in developing research, policy analyses, programs, and advocacy strategies to bring women’s voices to public policy debates. 

Women and Poverty

  • Ending Poverty:  Access to Postsecondary Education for Low Income Women
    The Center continues its long term focus on alleviation of women’s poverty through humane welfare policy, access to educational and employment opportunities, and respect for low income women’s struggles – and resiliency.  Since 1988, the Center has promoted access to postsecondary education for low income women as an effective welfare reform and poverty alleviation strategy.  
  • Project EMPOWER
    (Effective Models of Postsecondary Opportunity for Women through Education Reform) identifies “best practices” in both public policy and postsecondary educational institutions that create educational opportunities for low income women students. 
  • Public Policy on “Marriage Promotion”
    The Center’s Symposium on Multiethnic Feminist Visions of Fatherhood considered the potentially negative impact of fatherhood-focused programs for low income men on women’s autonomy.

US Foreign Policy and Its Impact on Women

  • Foreign Policy Institute for State Legislators
    The Center launched the Foreign Policy Institute for State Legislators in 2001 — and it is the first program in the United States to bring state-level women policy makers into the world of foreign policy.  The Institute’s intensive curriculum, presented by an expert faculty, prepares a carefully selected group of women state legislators each year to understand — and then influence — US foreign policy as it affects women at home and around the world.

Post Election Action Convening on US Foreign Policy

  • Post Election Action Convening on US Foreign Policy 2005
    The Center convened three pairs of legislative leaders from three states to build state-specific action plans to bring key foreign policy issues home to their constituents.  Each state pair included a graduate of the Center’s Foreign Policy Institute for State Legislators and her colleague, a newly elected state legislator.

Women Engaging Globally

  • Women Engaging Globally is a unique partnership of three national women’s organizations – the Center for Women Policy Studies, the League of Women Voters of the USA, and the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO).  Through our Women Engaging Globally “town hall meetings” in 14 cities nationwide during 2004-2005, we have engaged influential US women as advocates for US foreign policy that promotes human rights, economic development, peace and security, and sustainable development.


  • GlobalPOWER® [Partnership Of Women Elected/Appointed Representatives] is creating sustainable, long term partnerships among elected women leaders from around the world. US participants include a small group of state legislators who have graduated from the Center’s Foreign Policy Institute for State Legislators. The Center is launching the GlobalPOWER program in 2006 with a focus on international trafficking of women and girls as a global human rights crisis. 

“No More Business as Usual”

  • Work/Family and Workplace Diversity Policy
    The Center’s research on women of color in corporate America provides a basis for recommended changes in both corporate practice and public policy.

The Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers on Women and Girls with Disabilities  

  • In 1999, with Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia, the Center launched a new series of publications on women and girls with disabilities. In Barbara’s memory – and in honor of her feminist passion to ensure the full human rights of women and girls with disabilities – the Center continues this work.