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2011 online series of new Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers On
Women and Girls With Disabilities

In 2011, the Center launched an online series of new Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia Papers On Women and Girls with Disabilities. The 2011 Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia Papers will present the self-defined perspectives of women with disabilities – both in the USA and globally – on such topics as: access to health care, reproductive rights and health, violence against women and girls, women and AIDS, educational equity, family life and parenting, employment and economic development, balancing work and family, participation in Government at every level – from local to national to international.

READ the full list of Papers in the December 3, 2010 E-NEWS from the Center.

Click HERE to read the original Barbara Faye Waxman Fiduccia Papers On Women and Girls with Disabilities (1999 - 2001).


May 2012

  • Politicizing Sexual Pleasure, Oppression and Disability: Recognizing and Undoing the Impacts of Ableism on Sexual and Reproductive Health
    [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Bethany Stevens, JD, MA, Center for leadership in Disability, College of Health and Human Sciences, Georgia State University
  • Barbara Waxman Fiduccia and Disability Feminism:  Introduction
    [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Marsha Saxton


February 2011

  • Bringing Together Feminist Disability Studies and Environmental Justice
    [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Valerie Ann Johnson, Mott Distinguished Professor of Women’s Studies and Director, Africana Women’s Studies Program, Bennett College for Women
  • The Rights of Women With Disabilities in Africa:  Does the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa Offer Any Hope? [PDF] [WORD]
    : Serges Alain Djoyou Kamga, Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria
  • What’s A Leg Got To Do With It?:  Black, Female and Disabled in America [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Donna R. Walton, Ed.D.

March 2011

  • The Role of Women with Disabilities in Community Based Inclusive Development [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Abia Akram, Disabled People's International of Pakistan and Asia Pacific region and Liaison and Capacity Building Advisor, Handicap International
  • Violence Against Women with Disabilities [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: The International Network of Women with Disabilities
  • Women, Disability and Violence: Strategies to Increase Physical and Programmatic Access to Victims' Services for Women with Disabilities
    Author: Dr. Lisa McClain, Director of Gender Studies, Boise State University, Idaho

April 2011

  • Collective Action and Emancipatory Aims: Applying Principles of Feminist Practice in a Shelter for Domestic Violence Survivors with Disabilities
    [PDF] [WORD]
    Authors: Alisha Ali, PhD, Associate Professor; Randolph Mowry, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor; Kimberly Ho, BSc, MA Candidate; Department of Applied Psychology, New York University
  • Reproductive Health Justice for Women with Disabilities [PDF] [WORD]
    Authors: Lisa Alvares, MSN, RN; Heidi A. Case, BA; Emily J. Kronenberger, MS, MPH, CHES; Stephanie Ortoleva, Esq.; Joanne L. Tosti-Vasey, Ph.D.; NOW Foundation Disability Rights Advisory Committee
  • Right Now! – Women with Disabilities Build Peace Post-Conflict
    [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Stephanie Ortoleva, Esq.

August 2011

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women and Girls with Disabilities in Tanzania [PDF] [WORD]
    Author: Msafiri Msedi Ngololo